South of the town of Fallcrest stands what is left of Lord Arrol Kalton’s manor. Nearly two centuries ago Kalton tried to settle the vale surrounding his manor but it proved a fruitless venture as many of the monsters from the neighboring Witchlight Fens drove off any prospective tenants. Eventually all that was left was Arrol, his servants and his small family of a wife and daughter. News of the family dried up over time and the keep ended up falling into ruin.

Many rumors have swirled in the town of Fallcrest over what has happened to the family and their servants. Some say the monsters of the Fen overtook them, others say that Arrol went mad and ended up killing his family and then himself and his spirit still roams the ground. One rumor holds firm though, that a large treasure is still hidden in the chambers beneath the ruined home.

These rumors have been vastly ignored until now. Three months ago with no warning lights began to flicker near and in the manor. Sometimes bright enough to light up the sky above the manor. On most nights a blue glow will grow bright in the sky, giving the area a new nickname of The Blue Zone.


The Blue Zone

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