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  • Mia

    When "Yshriel":http://www.obsidianportal.com/game_contents/show/yshriel first moved to the Riverdown area, the mostly human villagers were not very welcoming, and more than once he had to outrun armed farmers. Mia, then 11 years old, was curious about …

  • Allande Markelhay

    Allande Markelhay was abducted from her home in Fallcrest by mystical means and imprisoned within Kalton Keep to the south. She was rescued by Ali, Tarrantus, and Yshriel when they went there seeking [[:mia|Mia]], the druid's apprentice.

  • Coda

    Our heroes found this woman naked and raving in the streets of Fallcrest, turning her over to the town guard. Her condition remained after the PCs dealt with its cause, forcing them to seek another way to cure her. [[:ali | Ali'thaveline]] has named her " …

  • Ancestor's Vigilant Sword

    Ancestor's Vigilant Sword is [[:ali | Ali'thaveline's]] mother, a Tigerclaw barbarian of [[Winterbole Forest | Winterbole Forest]]. Portrait by "Wayne Reynolds":http://www.waynereynolds.com/Menu.htm, from the _Pathfinder Roleplaying Game._ !{FLOAT: …