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  • Ali'thaveline

    |*Height:* 5'11"|*Weight:* 160|*Age:* 19| |*Eyes:* Blue|*Hair:* Blond|*Skin:* Fair| *APPEARANCE*
    Ali'thaveline (pronounced AH-lee-THAH-veh-LEEN) is called "Ali" or "Shadow" by most folk. When she wears her blond hair loose, it covers the pointed …

  • Tarrantus

    |Height: 7'6" | Weight: 340 lbs | Age: 22| |Eyes: Grey | Fur: Rusty Red | Skin: Bronzed| --- A snuffle comes from the shadows. "So you want to hear my tale do you?" a deep gruff baritone voice speaks. A massive bull head emerges from the …