The Blue Zone

The Vanishing
The Warden's Blue Balls

The Lord Warden Farren Markelhay of Fallcrest looked over the many papers on his desk and sighed loudly. He scratched his bald head and leaned back in his chair as he looked out the window of his home at Moonstone Keep. He had made a point of seeing to local matters personally, and it kept him a busy man. It seemed that the position of Fallcrest along King’s Road had led to a number of issues, and every day was spent delegating assignments to the Fallcrest guards.

He had skipped dinner again. His wife would be cross with him. But she would not show it; Allande was always cool and reserved. She was ten years his junior, and beautiful. She had been a student of the arcane arts for many years, and she had advised him in many cases. He smiled to himself as he thought of her, and finished up the last of his work, so that he could go down to the garden and sit with his wife as the sun set.

He pushed the chair out from behind his desk, doused the candle that sat on his desk, and made his way out of the room and down the stairs. He was determined to spend some time with his wife tonight. It had been so long since they had truly just enjoyed each other’s company. He stopped briefly to speak with a few servants. Just as he had sent the last one off, he heard a loud scream from the garden.

The scream chilled him to the core. Only one scream could come from the garden at this time of night. Allande had taken to reading in the garden every night during the warm summer. She would often get so involved with her books that she would read until the sunset. His heart raced as he ran outside to try and find his beloved.

It seemed he was too late. When he opened the doors and looked at the bench where his wife usually sat, he did not see her there. The text she had been reading sat on the ground, the pages blowing wildly in the wind. He screamed her name and demanded the servants call the guards to his home to begin a search.

For hours, nearly all the guards – even those off duty – searched for Allande with the warden, the only clue being her open book that still sat on the ground. As the midnight hour came and went, the warden’s worry began to show on his face. He walked over to her book and picked it up, clutching it to his chest. He slowly began to blame himself for what had happened. “If only I had eaten dinner with her, and sat with her… she would not be gone!”

He walked to the edge of the garden that sat beside his home. Suddenly the strange blue glow over Kalton Manor caught his eye. It was a sickening blue color, one that could only be associated with death; for the second time that night, he was chilled to the core. Whether it be right or wrong, he took this as a sign, and was sure that his wife had been taken there. He gathered his best men and sent them off towards the manor as the sun slowly began to rise.

It has been a week since then and no word has come. The Warden has begun to lose hope.


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