Yshriel's Precocious Apprentice


A plain girl with mousy brown hair usually pulled back in braids.


When Yshriel first moved to the Riverdown area, the mostly human villagers were not very welcoming, and more than once he had to outrun armed farmers. Mia, then 11 years old, was curious about what had the villagers so worked up and came out to the druid’s grove to see for herself. She interrogated the elf about his business near “her” town, and he happily answered all of her questions. When he met with her satisfaction, she asked more pointed questions and the elf correctly read her interest in learning the druidic traditions from him.

About a year ago, Yshriel’s half-sister, Ali’thaveline, arrived at the grove. Mia adores Ali, absorbing the songs, dances, and stories that the bard’s picked up from her tribe and her travels.


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